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Our Story


Independent Adhesives & Coatings, LLC was born in March of 2003. Since then we have been developing new formulations for adhesive companies as well as end-users in a wide variety of markets and industries. We have three manufacturing locations in the United States, ship internationally and maintain a wide distribution network for our customers who prefer product stocked locally.

In 2005 we began marketing our own brand of adhesives and coatings. This includes Water Based, Hot Melt and Reactive Adhesives and Coatings. We can produce small to large batches in production of our standard products along with our new product developments. We manufacture our products in 7 states in the United States with our headquarters and technical service based in Kansas City, Missouri. Our main reason for our great growth in the marketplace is due to our attention to our customers' needs in a time when you hear it preached. We practice what we preach. 

We would appreciate the chance to be considered when you find a need for an adhesive or coating to improve the performance of your current product or are starting a new project with new engineering design.

Please contact us directly or through our distribution partners and we will begin working together to help you improve your process and contain your costs!

Thank you for your consideration and support!

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